2015 Six Four Customs #0 Update

We’re Back!

Six Four Customs #0 Update

In this edition..

  • Re-Launch Giveaways!
  • What’s Next for Six Four Customs
  • Car Hire
  • And More..


Let me cut straight to the point — we are having a re-launch giveaway and you are the first to know about it! This isn’t a scam. Here, at Six Four Customs, we want to treat our loyal customers like royalty and what better way than to give back to you guys!

Simply like and post on our Facebook page and make a quick verse about Movin’ Violation, an associate brand of Six Four, or Six Four itself. Yes, like a rap verse. Entries close Friday, 10th April 2015.

What’s Next for Six Four

When we were gone we weren’t just bludging and cruisin’ in our Chevys pumping Eazy-E all day. We wanted to come back strong and change the game completely.

In the upcoming weeks..

  •  We will have a brand new online store, making life easier for both you guys and ourselves.
  •  A storefront, at upcoming trade shows
  • New and updated social media pages i.e. Facebook and Instagram

The Big News.. Movin’ Violation along with Six Four Customs are proud to present an upcoming project which involves both low riders and wedding car hire. You can work out the rest.

Until next time..





By admin • March 30, 2015 • 8:16 am